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Shortcut Keys Hello friends Welcome to my Website. Today I am Upload some Shortcut keys.That help you to save your time. So don't forget to share this information and comment me and....   Subscribe "Technical School". So lets Start    .......... For Windows 7 General keyboard shortcuts   Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts   F1 Display Help Right Shift for eight seconds Turn Filter Keys on and off Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+Insert) Copy the selected item Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtScn (or PrtScn) Turn High Contrast on or off Ctrl+X Cut the selected item Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock Turn Mouse Keys on or off Ctrl+V (or Shift+Insert) Paste the selected item Shift five times Turn Sticky Keys on or off Ctrl+Z Undo an action Num Lock for five seconds Turn Toggle Keys on or off Ctrl+Y Redo an action Windows logo key +U Open the Ease of Access Center Delete (or Ctrl+D) Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle B